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essay on all that glitters is not gold

All that Glitters is not Gold Essay for Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and others. Find long and short essay on All that Glitters is not Gold in English. All that glitters is not gold essay, - Describe a place essay. We are proud of ensuring individual approach to every customer who needs our help. We are convinced that high-quality custom essays written by our experts will meet your expectations. Many things are made of inferior metal and to hide their defect, they are given a shine. They look beautiful and attract many a person who loves beautiful objects. An object with a glittering shin of gold .

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All that Glitters is not Gold is an old phrase that indicates that everything that looks good may not actually be all that good. By way of this phrase people are being cautioned. Here are essay on all that a glitter is not gold of varying lengths to help you with the topic in your exam. You can select any All that Glitters is not Gold Essay as per your need:.

In life we meet a lot of people and come across numerous things. Many people appear to be extremely warm and friendly initially. However, in most cases as we get to know them we find out that they are not that nice, essay on all that glitters is not gold. Their actual personality is hidden behind the fake mask they wear to build relationships for their personal gain. Similarly, we see several attractive things in the market. We feel the urge to purchase them and bring them home as they seem irresistible.

However, when we begin to use them, we often realise that it only looks good at the surface level and is not very useful or is low quality. As per this saying, we must not trust anyone easily. We must take our time to learn about a person before we establish a deep bond with them. Likewise, we must not purchase anything big only because it looks good. We must assess it, check its quality and utility and only then we must go for it.

This also holds true for job and business opportunities and almost everything in life. Many things appear to be good from a distance but they are not actually good for us.

It suggests that we must be very cautious about everything in life as we may be deceived by pretty faces and attractive packages that may only look good but in reality are fake and deceitful. It found mention in his play, The Merchant of Venice published back in The phrase is used universally to emphasize the fact that everything that seems beautiful or good may not actually be nice.

It warns people not to trust anything just by its external appearance. This has been done with the example essay on all that glitters is not gold gold. It implies that everything that appears appealing to the eye may not be all that great. We must stay cautious at all times. We must scrutinize people, situations, things and opportunities and try to understand them well before we accept them.

If we fail to do so, we may be fooled and deceived. The phrase has been passed on from generation to generation and is commonly used to emphasize the mentioned point. Several phrases are coined by various poets and authors from time to time, however only few remain popular even after centuries of their origin. It says that the appearance of something cannot determine its real character.

It may be glittery as gold but it may not necessarily be as precious. He uses it to warn us against several things. As a little kid, I was often attracted towards eye-catching things. I also did not have a sense of whether they were right for me or not. Besides, I never really understood whether they were worth the amount being paid.

I wanted to purchase every toy that appealed to my eye without caring about whether it was useful for my age or not. These were mostly wrapped in beautiful packing but as I opened them, there was hardly much material to play with. Often times, they were not even of my interest. He told me that market is flooded with numerous things and essay on all that glitters is not gold of these are covered with fancy exteriors in order to lure the customers and increase sale.

We cannot bring home everything that appeals to us as not everything is useful to us and not everything is worth purchasing. We need to check its utility and also assess essay on all that glitters is not gold we really need it or not before opting for it instead to just purchasing it for its face value.

He also explained that this holds good even for people and relationships. In life, we may meet many people. It is natural for us to get attracted to those who are beautiful and dress up nicely however we need to understand that these people may not necessarily be good at heart. So, before making friends and other relationships, we must observe the person properly to avoid getting hurt later.

A person who understands it is likely to take wiser decisions in life. This applies to almost everything. We come across numerous attractive things in life however not all of them are as pure as gold. Some of them only appear good but are evil or fake in reality.

The phrase is commonly used across the globe since centuries. They see it as a misquotation and insist that the phrase originally written by Shakespeare is actually the correct version. People these days have grown extremely cautious about their external appearances. They want to wear good clothes, dine in fancy restaurants and make rich friends. The growing craze of posting pictures on the social media platforms is the best example of how people want to look good and seek attention from those around them.

The pictures posted on the social media are often deceptive. Many people admit to have dysfunctional families however their social media posts show that the picture is all rosy. Similarly, a simple picture is made to look exceedingly good by using filters and all sorts of applications. Research shows that most people who appear to be beautiful and joyful on their social media pages are in reality just faking it all. Besides, essay on all that glitters is not gold, most people these days have grown quite greedy and self-centred.

They often befriend others to fulfil their selfish motives. Many people bond with rich and influential people just so that they can brag about their friendship.

Many people also fake being nice and friendly just to establish business links or grab a job opportunity. Once their job is done, they change colour like a chameleon, essay on all that glitters is not gold. The phrase can aptly be used to warn us against such people. We must be very cautious while allowing people in our lives as often the most charming and friendly people turn out to be the most mean and egocentric people. We must thus assess people properly before establishing deep connection with them else we may end up in trouble.

It is commonly used to warn people of the misleading exteriors of things. Many things that have a fancy exterior and shine like gold may not be as valuable. This holds true for people too.

Many people appear to be beautiful and friendly but in reality they may not be so, essay on all that glitters is not gold. One such popular fable is that of two friends, Anil and Sunil. The two friends lived in a village.

It was for the first time that they were travelling to the city. They were all quite excited about their trip. They had planned to visit many places within the city and do a lot of shopping. Anil especially wanted to purchase a watch. He had been saving for it since a long time. He was discussing about his plan of purchasing a essay on all that glitters is not gold from the city with his friend just when the passenger sitting next to them overheard their conversation.

He took out two sparkling watches from his bag and showed it to the two friends. Anil was enticed by the beauty of those watches, essay on all that glitters is not gold. He decided to purchase one of them at once. However, Sunil was a bit sceptic about his decision.

He could not trust the man selling the watches as he said that the glistening strap of those watches was made of gold. He charged heavily for the watches. Sunil warned Anil not to purchase the watch from the man as he suspected he was lying.

However, Anil was so attracted to the beauty of the watch that he did not listen to Sunil. He happily handed a large sum of money to the stranger in exchange for a watch. Few days later, the watch stopped working.

Anil took it to the nearby shop to get it repaired. It was then that he learned that his watch was made of an ordinary material that only sparkled like gold but was not precious at all. He realized that all his money had gone down the drain and felt extremely disappointed. He regretted taking hasty decision even after being warned by Sunil.

Since then, Anil took all the decisions very cautiously after assessing all the pros and cons. Many similar phrases have been coined by various writers from time to time. The poem was published in the year It is a warning for those who just look at the external beauty of things rather than analyzing their actual worth. This is because everything that is appealing to the eye may not be actually good. Just as there are many things that sparkle and shine but not all of them are as precious as gold.

It stresses on the fact that appearance could be deceiving and we must refrain from trusting completely on someone or something, just because that person or thing looked promising or beautiful from a distance. The phrase warns us and also suggests to not blindly falling for anything or for any person, based solely on their shiny appearances and must do other verifications before trusting them.


All that Glitters is not Gold Essay for Students


essay on all that glitters is not gold


All that Glitters is not Gold Essay for Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and others. Find long and short essay on All that Glitters is not Gold in English. Apr 07,  · 'All that glitters is not gold' is a popular saying warning against falsehood. This proverb means that "not all things that seem appealing are actually good for us". Gold is bright yellow metal and it shines brightly. However, there are many things which shine bright, but they are not gold. Many things are made of inferior metal and to hide their defect, they are given a shine. They look beautiful and attract many a person who loves beautiful objects. An object with a glittering shin of gold .